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Artvoices Books is an international publisher of books on art, children's books, photography, poetry, and popular culture. We are an independent black owned publishing company with a focus on women, LGBTQ and authors and artists of color.     We are based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Artvoices Art Books (Contemporary Art Books, Artist Monographs and Exhibition Catalogues): We publish artists that possess an independent voice. Each artist monograph, contemporary art book or exhibition catalogue released on our imprint features an artist and or program of like mind and vision. Our concept and focus: artists who are important and relevant. Quality books that initiate a necessary dialog with the art community and the public at large. We believe people purchase books that define, mirror, and educate themselves, colleagues, friends, and family. We are dedicated to championing artists who make a difference in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.

Kinder CARE Books (Family and Children’s Books): Our books are designed to assist parents, teachers, caregivers, psychologists, and counselors in child psychology, morals, values, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. We publish Authors who enlighten, inform, and educate. Our books are instrumental in providing an essential tool to address children’s trauma and difficult conversations.

Revolutionary Books (Poetry Books): We publish Poets who embody the essence of the revolutionary: fearless, passionate, and unwavering. Our poetry books assist our community in appreciating and understanding the World around us. Poets inspire us to live in truth regardless of circumstance. A poet’s words can initiate a profound awakening or healing depending on one’s current state of emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. The poet’s experience becomes our perspective, and through his words we arrive at our respective destinations. The residual connects us as humans outweighing our differences.

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