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Common Notions emerges from, and renews, a long line of writers and readers; editors and publishers; as well as independent bookstore buyers and bookstore lovers—who recognize the power of the printed word to inspire cultural shifts through the bold ideas of a new society emerging within the existing world.

We at Common Notions recognize this moment as a time of tremendous change. There is hope and possibility, challenge and reward, opportunity and responsibility in the air—with our community of authors and readers—we seek to steward a safer and more just world. 

We are intergenerational and international, diverse in our backgrounds and brazen in our shared belief that the common notions of our times bend toward freedom. We run our press as a workers’ collective and practice the visionary, transformative democracy we seek in the world, in our office, and in all of our relations.

We are deeply committed to publishing books that provide timely reflections, clear critiques, and inspiring strategies that amplify movements for social justice. Our publishing program reflects the lessons we’ve learned as members of #blacklivesmatter, the New Sanctuary Movement, the antiwar and climate justice movements, international anticapitalist organizations, and Palestinian struggle.

We are excited to bring our work into a world in search of a good book and a free society.

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