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Radius Book Group is a 360°, multi-platform publisher offering unparalleled support to entrepreneurial authors. With our deep industry relationships, expert content development, and broad market reach, we’re redefining what successful publishing looks like.

Radius Book Group continues the tradition of Diversion Publishing Corp., founded in 2009 as a next-generation publishing company, combining decades of traditional experience with new publishing strategies. In the vanguard of author-centered publishing from its inception in 2016, we have published industry experts and thought leaders in the fields of business, leadership, biography & memoir, politics, current events, sports, technology, philanthropy, pop culture, education, and self-help. Radius Book Group’s entrepreneurial approach turns the publishing paradigm on its head by putting the authors in charge of their own publishing destiny. For more information, visit Radius's page here: https://www.radiusbookgroup.com/

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